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Present for a magpie by LineBirgitte
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PE: Digital Typography Explained

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 11:00 AM by pica-ae:iconpica-ae:

Gallery Descriptions

Welcome to the Typography part of projecteducate's DeviantART Galleries Week!

After earliers Traditional Typography it's now time to talk about Digital Typography :la:

Digital Art > Typography

Digital Art

Digital artwork originally created via the use of digital programs on a computer with a pen & tablet or computer mouse.
This should be self-explanatory, but for completeness I will add it here. Anything that is (eventually) created on a computer should go here. As mentioned in the previous article slight corrections to photographs or scans do not turn your traditional work into digital. A digital camera also does not.


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, designing a type face or modifying letters.
Simple rule: does it contain letters or words? Then it is Typography.
Whether you submit it to that gallery, depends on how much text is in your work. The more text, the better it is suited to Typography.

A submission to a proper gallery can increase your chances of being seen by people who are actually looking for works like yours.


Calligraphy depicts self-drawn characters or signs in an artistic and skillful manner, imitating traditional tools.

Digital Calligraphy imitates the use of traditional tools such as nib, pen, quill or brush to create text. It is most widely known and still practiced in its Japanese, Chinese and Arabic form. But it is also a western art form.

The main point of Digital Calligraphy is to create words and letters based on your illustrative writing skill and it is not based on existing fonts. You can use a tablet pen to support the natural way of writing, but tracing traditional typography with a mouse to turn it into digital work and refine and finish it on a computer is fit here, too.

Never give up hope by NoraAlgaladMAKSIM by SkeoneNew school! by mrsbadbugs
The Road Goes Ever On by crossrhythmOCD by SkeoneThe creator by fabiandelange


Conceptual: Artistically displayed text with the main focus on its message.

The main focus of this category is art with a spelt out message. It can be a quote, fact or statement about politics, emotions or life. It is probably the most popular category since it is straightforward and easy to understand. Sometimes photos, vectors, 3D renders or drawings are included to underline the meaning. The main focus however is the message of the deviation.

Level Up by GrungeTVFreedom by FaMzTh Love You Take by CALLit-ringo
IMAGINATION by dzeriMonday is Awesome by typo: britney (toxic) by mackill

Font Design

Imagery with the only purpose of presenting a self-made font. The font itself is the artwork and is displayed in a neutral and technical manner.

This category is open both to your own font creations as well as to specimen of already existing fonts.
Submissions here can be experimental and colorful, other can be simple and designs for actual fonts that are going to be created. (A specimen contains all the letters of a font in a non-illustrative manner.)

Not ever submission to Font Design has to have the possibility of being turned into font file (.otf or .ttf). This category is more experimentary and allows submissions of a more artistic approach.

Geo Font by Fenix-Angel DYLOVASTUFF V:01 UPDATE by dylovastuff Font: MACHINATO - preview 1.0 by jelloween
Dog alphabet by mjdaluz3D Font: Globes v2.0 by dye-the-eyeSleipnir Typeface by shoelesspeacock

Actual font files for download should be submitted to Ressources & Stock Images > Fonts!
Only submit fonts and allow them to be downloaded when you created them! This category is not for sharing "free" fonts, as most fonts require a licence fee to be used.

Text-based Imagery

Pieces in which type is used as a minor tool to create an image. The readable content of the visual is less important than the overall look of the piece.

This category is dedicated to images created using text or types. This has become a popular form of text art throughout the last years. The main message of this art is delivered through the image, not necessarily in the text. The text used to create the image can either be an existing font or self-made letters. The image can be anything from a portrait, object, scene or landscape.

Technologic-Daft Punk by fleuraime Super Fighting Prototype 2.0 by jmirman A Great Man Once Said... by Lavoi
Door of Night by zdravaThe Birth of Type by theexperientialCat Typography by eagle-flyte


Typography containing different styles and techniques.

As said before, if you are not sure where to submit and any of the other categories don't quite feel right, you should submit to the Other category :)

i am you by mahasesen 2012 : Forever and ever... by blindn Bio Type by Giampaolo-Miraglia
S 2012 by crymzGROW by EliasklingenPlayground. by ptarka

Questions for the reader

  • Have you ever digitally created Typography?
  • Are you interested in learing to create your own works?
  • What are challenges for Digital Typography?
  • How does it work for Traditional and Digital Typography to co-exist?

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