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PE: Digital Typography Explained

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 11:00 AM by pica-ae:iconpica-ae:

Gallery Descriptions

Welcome to the Typography part of projecteducate's DeviantART Galleries Week!

After earliers Traditional Typography it's now time to talk about Digital Typography :la:

Digital Art > Typography

Digital Art

Digital artwork originally created via the use of digital programs on a computer with a pen & tablet or computer mouse.
This should be self-explanatory, but for completeness I will add it here. Anything that is (eventually) created on a computer should go here. As mentioned in the previous article slight corrections to photographs or scans do not turn your traditional work into digital. A digital camera also does not.


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, designing a type face or modifying letters.
Simple rule: does it contain letters or words? Then it is Typography.
Whether you submit it to that gallery, depends on how much text is in your work. The more text, the better it is suited to Typography.

A submission to a proper gallery can increase your chances of being seen by people who are actually looking for works like yours.


Calligraphy depicts self-drawn characters or signs in an artistic and skillful manner, imitating traditional tools.

Digital Calligraphy imitates the use of traditional tools such as nib, pen, quill or brush to create text. It is most widely known and still practiced in its Japanese, Chinese and Arabic form. But it is also a western art form.

The main point of Digital Calligraphy is to create words and letters based on your illustrative writing skill and it is not based on existing fonts. You can use a tablet pen to support the natural way of writing, but tracing traditional typography with a mouse to turn it into digital work and refine and finish it on a computer is fit here, too.

Never give up hope by NoraAlgaladMAKSIM by SkeoneNew school! by mrsbadbugs
The Road Goes Ever On by crossrhythmOCD by SkeoneThe creator by fabiandelange


Conceptual: Artistically displayed text with the main focus on its message.

The main focus of this category is art with a spelt out message. It can be a quote, fact or statement about politics, emotions or life. It is probably the most popular category since it is straightforward and easy to understand. Sometimes photos, vectors, 3D renders or drawings are included to underline the meaning. The main focus however is the message of the deviation.

Level Up by GrungeTVFreedom by FaMzTh Love You Take by CALLit-ringo
IMAGINATION by dzeriMonday is Awesome by typo: britney (toxic) by mackill

Font Design

Imagery with the only purpose of presenting a self-made font. The font itself is the artwork and is displayed in a neutral and technical manner.

This category is open both to your own font creations as well as to specimen of already existing fonts.
Submissions here can be experimental and colorful, other can be simple and designs for actual fonts that are going to be created. (A specimen contains all the letters of a font in a non-illustrative manner.)

Not ever submission to Font Design has to have the possibility of being turned into font file (.otf or .ttf). This category is more experimentary and allows submissions of a more artistic approach.

Geo Font by Fenix-Angel DYLOVASTUFF V:01 UPDATE by dylovastuff Font: MACHINATO - preview 1.0 by jelloween
Dog alphabet by mjdaluz3D Font: Globes v2.0 by dye-the-eyeSleipnir Typeface by shoelesspeacock

Actual font files for download should be submitted to Ressources & Stock Images > Fonts!
Only submit fonts and allow them to be downloaded when you created them! This category is not for sharing "free" fonts, as most fonts require a licence fee to be used.

Text-based Imagery

Pieces in which type is used as a minor tool to create an image. The readable content of the visual is less important than the overall look of the piece.

This category is dedicated to images created using text or types. This has become a popular form of text art throughout the last years. The main message of this art is delivered through the image, not necessarily in the text. The text used to create the image can either be an existing font or self-made letters. The image can be anything from a portrait, object, scene or landscape.

:thumb176826497: Super Fighting Prototype 2.0 by jmirman A Great Man Once Said... by Lavoi
Door of Night by zdravaThe Birth of Type by theexperientialCat Typography by eagle-flyte


Typography containing different styles and techniques.

As said before, if you are not sure where to submit and any of the other categories don't quite feel right, you should submit to the Other category :)

i am you by mahasesen 2012 : Forever and ever... by blindn Bio Type by Giampaolo-Miraglia
S 2012 by crymzGROW by EliasklingenPlayground. by ptarka

Questions for the reader

  • Have you ever digitally created Typography?
  • Are you interested in learing to create your own works?
  • What are challenges for Digital Typography?
  • How does it work for Traditional and Digital Typography to co-exist?

PE: Traditional Typography

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 3:00 AM by pica-ae:iconpica-ae:

Gallery Descriptions

Welcome to the Typography part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!

Today I will explain both the traditional and digital typography galleries on DA and I start off with Digital Typography. And I start off with the Traditional Gallery!
If you are interested into the background of typography, I recomment you read A Brief History of Typography, an article I wrote for a previous week at projecteducate.

When it comes to typography, you should be aware that it is everywhere around you all the time. There is bad Typography and there is good Typography. Unfortunately less of the latter and more of random thoughtless Typography around these days.

Typography is more relevant to Design than it is to Art, but that does not mean it cannot be Art!

I want to bring Typography to people's attention, make them aware of how important it is. We all want people to hear us, we want to be understood. And no matter how important your message, bad Typography can ruin it!

And Typography is ooooold. Like… Ancient. Literally. Ancient Rome has left us with some amazing remains of culture, including Typography. There is a lot of history in Typography, from Calligraphy and Scripts, over the Letterpress up to the Digital Age. But just because we are living in the Digital Age, it does not mean Traditional Typography is dead. Oh it's quite the opposite! It is more alive than not in a long time and the DeviantART galleries are living proof of it!

So, let's dive in :eager:

Traditional Art > Typography

Traditional Art

Work that is primarily created with traditional media and physical materials.
Editing colors and contrast and removing dust or noise, any general light retouching, and cropping photographs or scans of traditional art does not turn it into digital art!
Only if you massively alter the appearance of your traditional work or add more materials* to the mix, does it stop being traditional art.

* Photographs, textures, digital painting, vector elements, 3D etc.


Images created using traditional means where the subject matter is text using a variety of typeface styles.
If the main focus of your work is words and letters, you should probably submit it to typography.
Of course if there is 80% drawing and 20% typography in your work, it would be fine not to post there. "There is a letter, that's typography" is bullshit ;).


Calligraphic characters or signs depicted in an artistic and skilful manner.

This is a millenia old artform, refined through the years and still as relevant nowadays as in the Middle Ages. There are many many forms to it, the common remainder is probably that is is a form of writing that requires a certain flow to your brush or nib.
It is not hand-writing, but it is also not the fine craft of lettering. It is somewhere in between. Even though the lines are often very thing and blurry between these three.

The two biggest fractions of Calligraphy are Western and Eastern, or Latin and Non-Latin. In Europe Calligraphy is traditionally created with a nib, in Asia it is more likely to be applied with a brush. Nibs and brushes can vary immensely in shape and size and thus can create an amazing number of different styles in Calligraphy.

Arabic Calligraphy 'Raqs' by khawarbilalSeul le turban... by KaalamRaveN VorteX by Ace0fredspades
Yesterday by TypomongerSpades Calligraphy Calligram (1/4) by Ciillkquote by jdotjam

Typographic Stencil Art

Typography created with the use of a stencil.

This is a very clear and strict gallery, that requires you to have used a stencil to create your work. It does not have to be graffiti, you can also use brushes or sponges to apply through a stencil, but you might as well use loose materials such as sand, and apply them with a stencil.

We Really text by object000Love - Spraypaint Stencil Tile by RAMART79Public space poster 2 by patswerk
Know Your Rights by CMSmithTALK by TeamDeltaForceExperimenting with E by mumblebee


This category does not really have a description, essentially anything that does not fit into the other two should go here. This can sculptural works of typography as well as ones created with uncommon traditional materials. Typographic collages, typewriter works, drawn and painted typography, letterings, etchings, stamps and so on and on. The list is really endless, any traditional medium can be used to create typography.

Stickbet by HellanimARTIST. by Espadortype - illustrated text wip by iforgotmypassword
life is a flower by brian9267spring by UsoKeiMaria Scan by suqer

In doubt … submit to Other!
It may not be a shiny fancy gallery name, but it would be a shame for the other two galleries if they were spammed with works that don't belong there. Thank you :heart:

Naturally this small gallery tree leaves room for improvements :)
This is not forgotten and it is being worked on. Times change, art changes, galleries can change!

Questions for the reader

  • Have you ever traditionally created Typography?
  • Would you want to learn Traditional Typography?
  • What are challenges for Traditional Typography?


Gallery Descriptions

Welcome to the Designs & Interfaces part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!

The previous two articles helped explain the categories of Designs & Interfaces and this one is more specific about Miscats in Designs & Interfaces and patterns to those. Some misconceptions developed over time and with no reasonable option to "clean" the gallery, have grown into a big mess.

However these articles are supposed to help you locate the best gallery for your artworks. So, if you are unsure about where to submit and two galleries sound good, try and read each gallery description (visible during the submission process) and choose wisely. If you are unsure, don't assume the right gallery. We are here to help :la:

All these "rules" depend on the current gallery descriptions as of the moment I am writing this. Possible future changes cannot be considered.
Should changes happen, there will be an announcement at communityrelations by the responsible volunteer. So you should probably watch the group ;)

Common general misconceptions

It should go by common sense, but you know, some things need to be said and are valid for all sub-categories.

Always submit original content.
Using copyright protected materials for your submissions is against DeviantART's Terms of Service.

Stock has to be credited.
Photographs with watermarks from image providers such as Getty Images or Shutterstock very often infringe those sites Terms of Service. You can download these for layouting purposes, but you are not allowed to publish them without obtaining a license (aka buying them) first.

Have allowance to post by client or collaborators.
Since it very often happens that you do not create a design on your own or are creating works for a client, make sure everybody affected with the work has given their allowance for you to publish the work.

Gallery specific misconceptions


This gallery is supposed to provide designs for interactive button elements you can find on websites and in applications, NOT for pin (button) designs that you can put on clothes and bags. Such would better fit to Fashion Design, as they can be seen as accessoires.

CD and DVD Covers

These are supposed to be the finished layouts of the product that can be bought. It should contain at least the product name/title (unless you're The Beatles) and if necessary the artist's name. An illustration done as an album artwork should be submitted to a gallery that fits the media and content of the illustration.

A booklet for a CD or DVD can be submitted here too, it should then contain the information the booklet is providing.

Again, artwork illustrations done for a CD or DVD Cover should not be submitted here.

CD & DVD Covers
Army Of Mushrooms by Gloom82 The Uncanny Valley official poster by vesner
c o m a - dvd version by cosanameimagi Midnight Carnival Front Cover by RadiusZero
Illustrations for covers
Trail of Dead CD cover art by tegehel Cover by Biffno
"The Winter Tree"-cd cover by MinnaSundberg joanna newsom cd cover by dobie

Editorial Design

This covers a wide area, from mostly printed materials like magazines, newspapers and books. You can submit both inside pages as well as covers for all of these.

Illustrations done for Editorial Design purposes are not Editorial Design per se. Only put in the actual publications layout, do they become Editorial Design. Please submit illustrations done for Editorials to a proper gallery that respects the illustration's medium and content.

For example photographs of an editorial fashion shoot should be submitted to Fashion Photography. The photographs from the shooting put into a magazine layout with texts should be submitted to Editorial Design.

Editorial Design
Magazine supplement by haighy 46 MAGAZINE SAYI  3 by mehmeturgut
The Neinescape Magazine Cover by Arkham-Insanity Issue #4 of SHIFT magazine - Noam Chomsky (3) by artsfantasy
Editorial Illustrations
Hunger Magazine Illustration 1 by theirison Inside Line Magazine by Kegg
Magazine Cover by Krossan Sharks can't sleep by RodrigoICO

Fashion Design

Actually physical crafted implementations do not belong here. A finished tailored piece that you created should be submitted to a fitting Artisan Crafts category.

Fashion Design
rooibos by meago Black Swan by CdCblanc
Butterfly dresses by Vilva Dress by LessRuth
Artisan Crafts
Lady Steampunk Pirate by Lillyxandra Peacock Scarf by melzika
Panda Hoodie by calgarycosplay Leatherworking: Green Vest by JessicaDru

Game Development Art

This category is all about original content created by you, the artist.

Fan Art aka using copyright protected material
Fan Art, based on games, does not belong here, but should be submitted to Fan Art/… /Games.
If you are working for a game company and create characters based on their (or other artists) copyrights you are welcome to post in Game Development Art.

In game screenshots?
They do not belong here. In fact, they do not even belong on DeviantART. They are not your original creation and should be posted to sites that welcome those kind of images.

Sprites or other material ripped from games?
Nope. Not the right website to post it either. Only post original content you created on DA!

Tattoo Design

Similar to Fashion Design, an actual inked tattoo should not be submitted to Design, but to Traditional Art > Body Art > Body Modification > Tattoos.

Tattoo Designs
Rose / Wings by EdwardMiller Tattoo sketch, neotraditional.. by AsikaArt
Inked Tattoes
watercolor tattoo hummingbird by dopeindulgence tree by piotrszot

Theatre Design

Though the title seems to indicate only designs provided for theatrical productions, it does include concept art for filmed material as well.

This overlaps with the illustration categories you can find on DA, Digital Illustrations, Traditional Drawings and Traditional Paintings.
So a concept art submission to any of these two would be in the right place. This is a bit confusing, but in the end the artist is free to decide where to post.

A good example of this are Matte Paintings. Traditionally used as backdrops for film recordings, painted on glass, Matte Paintings have developed into a more digital artform, often combining a variety of media and techniques, such as 3D, Photo Manipulation and Painting, used in combination with green screens to be part of a bigger scenery and merged on a computer for production.

Vehicular Graphics vs Industrial & Product Design

Concept Designs OF cars should be submitted to Industrial & Product Design, while designs that are supposed to be applied ONTO vehicles should be submitted to Vehicular Graphics.

Vehicular Graphics
Primer and Flames by GaryCampesi Fox Car interior by PaperandDust
Industrial & Product Design
BMW sketch 3 by TonyWcK Maserati Merak Design Concept 2020 by toyonda

Any questions?

You don't understand a "rule"? Maybe I forgot one misconception among the many?

Oh yeah, only submit original content. Did I say that already?


Gallery Descriptions

Welcome to the Designs & Interfaces part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!

This article us all about Game Development Art*. It is the category with the most sub-categories and thus I thought I'd rather give it its own article.

I also want to give a(nother) huge 'Thank you' to PolyMune for taking care of the gallery before :love: :tighthug:

Game Development Art

So let's have a look at the gallery tree! :la:

  • Game Development Art
    Artwork created as part of the process of developing a game. The types of games that this art contributes to includes but is not limited to: video games, board games and card games.
    • 2D Game Art
      2-dimensional art such as sprites and tiles designed primarily for 2D gameplay. 2D art within 3D games (such as icons representing inventory items) belong here, as well. Art in this category will be used directly within the game, visible to the player; concept work belongs in its respective category.
      • Characters, Animals & Monsters
        Player characters, computer-controlled characters (NPCs), and monsters to be encountered in the game world. These often contain multiple angles and frames of animation due to their 2D nature (but this is not required).
      • Environments & Tiles
        Environment and object graphics that compose the playing areas and backgrounds of 2D games, often assembled into "tile sets".
      • Vehicles
        Various forms of transportation within the game. This includes enemy and friendly sprites not directly controllable by the player.
      • Weapons and Items
        Graphics and sprites of weapons or items that may be found within the game world.
    • 3D Game Art
      3-dimensional assets designed for real-time application within a 3D game engine.
      • Characters, Animals & Monsters
        Player characters, computer-controlled characters (NPCs), and monsters to be encountered in the game world represented in the 3D medium.
      • Environments & Props
        Environment and object graphics that compose the playing areas and backgrounds of 3D games, often assembled into "tile sets".
        • Exterior
          Primarily outdoor game areas, such as forests, cities, and deserts.
        • Interior
          Primarily indoor game areas, such as building interiors and spaceship corridors.
        • Props & Objects
          Individual props and objects that would be found within a level, but do not have an accompanying environment, such as a computer console, street sign, or dumpster.
      • Vehicles
        Various forms of transportation within a game designed in 3D. This includes enemy and friendly sprites not directly controllable by the player.
      • Weapons and Items
        3D models of usable or collectible items, such as weapons or pick-ups that may be found within the game world.
    • Game Concepts & Illustrations
      Concepts and images designed to describe the game world and its inhabitants, or to expand the storyline through still imagery to the player. Much of this art is often not seen by the player, but passed on to other artists to develop into a usable form within the game engine.
      • Buildings and Environments
        Concepts describing the world that the player(s) and A.I. will interact within.
      • Characters, Animals & Monsters
        Concepts of characters and monsters to be encountered within the game world.
      • Storyline Illustrations
        Illustrations designed to describe events to take place within the game world. Sometimes these illustrations are more polished and used directly in the game to describe these events to the player through still imagery, outside of the normal gameplay environment.
      • Vehicles
        Concepts of vehicles encountered and/or operated within the game world.
      • Weapons and Items
        Concepts of weapons or items that may be found within the game world.

More articles on Game Development Art

GDA PE Week 2013Well hello everyone :la: Welcome to the project Educate week of Game Development 2013, hosted by PolyMune :eager: So excited to do my first P.E. week!! Lot's to do and lots going on this week :la:
First off let me say thank you too :iconastralseed: :iconkaz-d: for helping me get things going ! I'd also like to thank all my awesome community members, CVs, etc for helping answer questions, being judges, and all around being helpful for the prep. of this week!
So the order of events are as follows :la: :
Day 1 - Introduction, Contest announcement, mini contest winner announcement
Day 2 - Getting to know your game development category, features to go along with it
Day 3 - Q/A's with Game Artists around the community, Features,
Day 4 - Game dev. resources/ intro to some programs featuring various groups and communities on DA
Day 5 - Q/A's with game artists around the community, how to get into the industry or started into the direction of game art
Day 6 - Games that captivate us artist
GDA PE Week 2013 Day 2Alrighty so!! We got the contest up and running, and already seeing some awesome interest! If you are interested in learning about the 3D contest please read it here -> !!
Project Educate Game Development Edition 2013 Day two! 
So what do we have in store for day 2? Well! Day 2 is a little bit quieter then all the rest, as it's more of an informative article then anything too exciting but it's great info for anyone new to the category or unsure of the category in it's entirety. Not only that but great for artists who know the category who want to learn a little bit more about it :)
 Is Deviant Art a good community to post/share/network for Game Development? sadly a very wide asked question. I've actually had other artists in the industry or aspiring to get into it laugh out loud at the fact that I post to Deviant Art and that it has a GDA category/GDA support.
This is a
GDA PE Week 2013 Day 3So I'm swapping the order of things, today will be intro to some programs for game development. Art features, a bit of Q/A (possibly) and some fun stuff will be tomorrow and friday! 
The tools of the trade 

Is a massive list, I mean massive. There are so many programs you can use to achieve the art you want for Game Development, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down on some you think you'd be good at using. or excel at learning. Keep one thing in mind when it comes to choosing a program to use: It's just a tool. 

Period. The tool doesn't make the artist, it never has. We've seen remarkable work come from the most unlikely places and why should Game Dev. art be any different in that regard?
You'll find people get into battles a lot claiming the tool they use is the best for what they are doing, but that's just it: it is best for them. It may not be what you like, but that doesn't mean you're wrong or you can't achieve similar results. So
GDA PE Week 2013 Day 4So day 4 :la: woooooot! 
Get to know your game development groups

Yup, there are groups that help support game development. One of the very first groups for this was :icongame-art: . It specifically ties into the game development art category because it was founded around the same time it's founder became a CV themselves. A lot of the rules for the group are the same rules for the category on Deviant Art itself. The group's former founder, :iconpyritie: works for a game company as a programmer and was at one point a CV for the category. The current founder, :icondkdevil: , is also a game developer working alongside a programmer to make a game called Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme which you can read more about here ->
The group features galleries that our broken down similar to how we have the category setup. 
GDA PE Week 2013 Day 5Day 5 of 7 woot! Today we feature another artist and their Q/A for the community, along with some different tiers of Game Development!! :la:
What you may not have known about Game Development Art

It not only means video games, but also online games, board games, etc. Games like "dungeons and dragons" unless specific to actual characters you see in the books (those would go under fan-art) would classify as game art if it's your campaign character. Or a board game you are making would also be classified as game development art, or pen and paper, etc. Something I find a lot of members don't realize. What is also neat is that 3D game art can also be your 3D figurines made/used for your board game (as long as it's YOUR copyrighted board game, and not a figurine made for someone else's copyrighted board game unless given 100% permission). 
Saturday's article will go more in depth with this but just to give a brief overview :la: 
Concept Art

GDA PE Week 2013 Day 6It's day 6!! We have an interview with :iconhaikai13: today, former character artist of Trion but now awesome freelance artist :dance: Hai has been the number one Game development artist requested by the community and for that, and a thanks for him agreeing to be a judge for the contest, Day 6 is just the Q/A and featuring his work. :) 
                                               Drow breakdown by haikai13
:iconhaikai13: has a series of amazing and inciteful tutorials that he has created for really fair prices! He's a very talented artist, and I encourage the community who rea
Game Development Art Category InformationGDA Category Information, brought to you by PolyMune
What is generally allowed/should be in the Game Development Art Category
Original concepts, 2D, 3D work created by you or you have permission to post (as you are part of a team) that is for a Game. Can be any type of game, board game, video game,  pen and paper rpg game, etc.  As as it's meant to be for a game, it belongs into Game Development Art.
There are many artists out there aspiring to become in the industry but may have not broken in yet. Any content you create for a game industry portfolio that is "all your original content" (so no work like, a game ready model of batman..that can go into your portfolio, but would go under the Fan Art category on Deviant Art) may also be posted into this category.  As long as it's geared towards an original game, or the potential of becoming one, or showing you understand that line of thinking with your portfolio piece, go for it! Post it! If it's awesome, you

* Disclaimer: I am no expert on this area, I am posting this article for completeness and a reference for the future. The descriptions you see here are all the actual descriptions you see during the submission process on DA.


Gallery Descriptions

Welcome to the Designs & Interfaces part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!

Since this is a gallery with 21 categories and several sub-categories provided for 2 categories, there will not be one article, but three. A Gallery Overview, a closer look at Game Development Art and something about Common Misconceptions regarding submissions to Designs & Interfaces.

What is Design anyway?

This is a bit of a toughie. It is closely related to art, but at the same time couldn't be further away from it. Both art and design are visual media, but that's sort of already where it stops. For myself I found the simple distinction of art creating an emotional response, and of design telling me how to do something.
Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.Paul Rand

Design tells me how something works. Everything around you has been designed, ever table, every pen, every lamp, every train schedule and so on and on.

Not every design is good design, but that is a whole other can of worms ;)

In regards to the DeviantART gallery of Designs & Interfaces most of the categories allow for designs of works that are yet to be finished in one or another form. A tattoo design still has to be inked and a web interface still has to be programmed. There are a few that are "ready to go", but for the most part, uploaded as a .JPG or .PNG to a website, they are not going to be created in that format for the end user.

Gallery Overview

This is the first level category tree of Designs & Interfaces. 21 categories, some with sub-categories.

  • Advertising
    Advertising designs and interfaces such as newspaper style advertisements, billboards, web ad banners, etc.
  • Application Interfaces
    iPhone / Android or any other mobile apps designs. Including design of the web apps / desktop apps like Admin Screen.
  • Architectural Design
    Architectural design is the concept that focuses on the components or elements of a structure or system that unifies them into a functional whole.
  • Buttons
    Buttons for web pages and various other applications.
  • CD Covers
    CD covers for music, data and various other applications that would fit in a standard CD jewel case.
  • Corporate
    Corporate designs for letterheads, business cards, informational flyers and material.
  • DVD Covers
    DVD covers for data, and various other applications that would fit in a standard DVD case.
  • Editorial Design
    Layouts and covers for different forms of literature such as magazines, books, pamphlets and other forms of literature.
  • Fashion
    Fashion design materials, including t-shirt designs.
    • Fashion Design
      Fashion designs (finished clothing) and collections shown in drawings, sketches and digital paintings.
    • T-Shirt Graphics
      Graphic illustrations designed specifically to be on t-shirts and displayed in its applied form as originally designed.
  • Game Development Art
    Artwork created as part of the process of developing a game. The types of games that this art contributes to includes but is not limited to: video games, board games and card games.  

    :pointr: Please refer to PE: Designs and Interfaces II - Game Development Art for more information on this category.
  • Industrial & Product Design
    Industrial Design is the art of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.
  • Infographics
    Information graphics (infographics) are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly; such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education.
  • Logos & Logotypes
    Logo designs and interfaces created for web applications, personal use or company use.
  • Mascots
    Mascots designs of animals, humans, or cartoon characters that are used to represent a group with a common public identity.
  • Other
    Designs & Interfaces that do not fit into any other category.
  • Packaging
    Packaging designs for boxes or paper-based materials which is then folded to contain objects.
  • Signage
    Informative signs and notices.
  • Tattoo Design
    Original tattoo designs inked by the artist on paper or drawn on a computer.
  • Theatre Design
    Theatre, film and performance designs; including costumes, sets, lighting, props and make-up.
  • Vehicular Graphics
    Graphics/sketches/stencils for cars, trucks, skateboards, snowboards, space shuttles, race cars, and other transportation.
  • Web Interfaces
    Web interfaces and designs, finished and un-finished.

The categories

This is a whole lot to take in, so for better understanding I will explain them in groups

Print Design

Advertising, CD and DVD covers, Corporate, Editorial, Infographics, Logos & Logotypes, Signage, and Vehicular Graphics.

Works that will be produced exactly the way you see it, they will be printed or displayed digitally without user interaction and transport information to the user via visual and textual content.

I guess you could also call it "static" design, but print is the more conventional term in the industry. The common factor for all these designs is little to non interaction with the user.

Bacardi - Shoot and Fly by he1z DeviantART San Diego Comic Con 2014 Poster by Artgerm A Killing Glance by alxferreiro Nancy Movie Poster by RabidSkwerl OCEAN Corporate identity by khawarbilal PREVIEW OF LMS THE BOOK - by DanLuVisiArt Indelible by Aegis-Illustration Map of Canada by littlepaperforest Health Expeditions logo by arpad Banheiro by brunokingma Carthulhu by nicktheartisticfreak

Interactive Design

Application Interfaces,  Buttons, Game Development Art, and Web Interfaces.

Works that will be used in a way that provides and/or allows user interaction. As an end result they will stay very close to the design and only vary in a few points. The submissions here are static images of the final product and do not provide interaction yet.

TaskMaster iphone application by luqa Mini RSS Reader by tavi004 UDK Stage 4 by Kimmokaunela Weapon Sketches by churro818 Grey Density - You Vs. Us by Jammyy Displet webdesign revamp by bilalm

Conceptual Design

Architectural Design, Fashion, Industrial & Product Design, Mascots, Packaging, Tattoo Design, and Theatre Design.

Works that have more of a sketch or concept character and are going to be crafted or built. It should also be noted that most likely the end result will look different than the design.

Storefronts for The Clove, a Town Center by Built4ever Apartment Design by aeriim Patchwork Fairy by Radittz Owls and owls and owls by PeterPan-Syndrome 'Nightwatch' Tent for Fieldcandy by Heliocyan Argan Group by Pacholczyk lion by black-3G-raven The Little Mermaid Set Design: She's in Love 3 by justin-mctwisp The Rivalry - final by zapfino


Even though this gallery seems pretty complete and detailed, there may still be something missing! That is why we have an "Other" category. This really is a last resort to when you have no other category to submit to and what you want to submit is actually a design.

Browsing through that category you will find lots of miscats, some deliberate, some not, that could easily be placed in a proper category or even gallery. Especially illustrations don't need to be placed in Designs & Interfaces when they were made to be part of a design (like a CD Cover). But more on miscats in another article ;)

There are also a lot of print products, like for mugs, phones or coasters, that were made especially for the Art Gifts Print Shop on DA or other external sites, like Society6, Redbubble etc.

I have come across stickers and bookmarks, maps, toys, posters, keychains, calendars, etc. and while they all have a valid place in there, their mere existence would not justify having their own category.

Suggestiongs for changes to a gallery or categories within a gallery can be suggested to either Moonbeam13 or me :)

Any questions?

I know, this gallery is a lot to take in. And this whole gallery tree is a lot of information all at once ;) Ask Bilbo :P

But maybe it made you curious to either browse the gallery or submit to it! So, off you go :la:

My deviantART Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:35 AM

When I first found out about DA, it was in my search for Photoshop brushes. It wasn't long before the ad banners started to annoy me while I was spending more time on the site, so I decided to sign up. Ironically it was yesterday, 7 years ago :XD: Even my first submission was a brush set and it still puts a smile on my face when someone faves it or leaves a comment! 

Vector Tennis  March 2010 by ChewedKandi

But my first "art love" on DA will always be vector art! I met amazing artists and amazing people through vector art and I started creating things myself. I tried vexel, but looking back I had no idea what I was doing and all my vexels really are vectors :lol:

Best way to predict your future is to create it by CloudBomb7

The second "art love", the one that obviously really stayed, is typography though. I did not know I loved it so much when I first started getting interested and that it would, later on, give me the chance to be part of one of the most awesome teams! I would have never thought what happened, would happen, and I am thankful for all the things I was able to do as a Community Volunteer for Typography. For the second time around now ;)

Diversity concept by Piroshki-Photography

Sometimes I feel like there is almost no gallery on dA I have not submitted artwork to! I have been experimenting with so many things over the last 7 years, I feel like I dipped my feet into every ocean! From photography, at which I suck, over icons and wallpapers, to traditional art and pixel, even some odd literature deviations! And this is why I love dA so much: there is a place for everything and everyone! The amazing diversity of this site, of this world, is something that will always amaze and inspire me!

Good Morning by bittersweetvenom

I do not know, whether I am still the same person as 7 years ago. Most likely not. Hell, I even turned 30 by now :XD: I have met quite a few people, some even in real life, who changed my life.

Also meeting the one person you wish you could wake up next to every morning :heart:

The Addams Family by daekazu

The most important thing I learned on dA though is, that you are never alone. There is always someone who understands you, there is always someone you can talk to, there is always someone to share in a laugh or a tear or an adventure.

It is a big family. An odd family. The one the other families in the street may avoid, but it's your family. The family that doesn't give a shit what other families think.

That's us. The weird ones ;) Safely contained in our home, here.

I lost my hat!

Tue Aug 5, 2014, 11:30 AM

The Community Relations team presents:

Please help me find it!!

I really really want to go to the birthday party, but I lost my hat! Can you help me find it? I think I left a note somewhere around, to remind me where it is. But the note is a riddle and I forgot the answer! I seem to have not only lost my hat, but also my mind maybe?

Send me a note with the link to my hat and I will help you make your own hat!

But behold, the mad hat hunt is not all!

More birthday mysteries!

Happy Birthday DeviantART!:star: Welcome to Wonderland :star:
Greetings, stranger.
I find myself delighted to lay my rather large eyes on you. A purrfectly delicious mystery awaits you. Won't you come this way?
I've been a bad kitty-- a very naughty, naughty feline, indeed. You see, today is Alice's Unbirthday, and all the inhabitants of Wonderland had planned to join her and the Mad Hatter for tea and cake. But, the Mad Hatter, being quite a bit off his rocker, is requiring that everyone wear a hat to the party. Anyone without a hat cannot attend.
Whoops! Mysteriously, *smile* all the hats in Wonderland have gone missing. What a shame, what a shame. Whatever shall we do?
I know what we shall do. You and I, stranger, we shall go to the party together. I hear the cake is delicious this year, and there will be plenty for us.
Except, wait! HA! You cannot!!! You have no hat, either! I suppose you'll have to stay here, too, then. Very well. Goodbye.
dA's 14th UnBirthday Chat/Forum Events!Off with their heads!!! Oh, oh, why hello everyone, I didn't see you there!
In this journal you will find a list of all the fun shenanigans we have prepared for DeviantART's 14th UnBirthday celebrations in the chats and forums, and their schedule! We hope you'll have time to join in on all the fun!
If you need a time converter please use this.
All chat events will happen in #CommunityRelations and will be launched on Thursday August 7th.
Alice in Wonderland Trivia: This will be a fun trivia game in which you will be asked questions related to Alice in Wonderland, the book, both the original animated Disney movie, and Tim Burton's recent remake, in addition to the Once upon a time Alice in Wonderland television show. There will be 3
Birthday Hat- Contest:star: Winner announcement
You may have heard there will be a BIG unbirthday party and everyone from Wonderland, as well as all deviants, have been invited by the Chesire Cat! A hat will be required to take part though and  it can't be just any random hat, it needs to be special! It must be made for this occasion, on your own and not by or for someone else!. Without the hat, you can't join the party and enjoy all the cake, drinks and fun.
Even if the Chesire Cat doesn't help you, the inhabitants of Wonderland will do or already have! For every hat you have found or will find for them, they will give you a clue. These clues will give you hints of things that must be included, in whole or in part, on the hat. The more clues you get right, the closer you will get to the perfect hat for the unbirthday party.
Combine them all and create your very own birthday hat based on their hints! You should try to include 8-10 clues to make
Unbirthday Literature ContestOur beloved home-on-the-internet turns fourteen (with a special "Alice in Wonderland" theme) this week, and we all know what "fourteen" means: acne, the step-and-sway at awkward school dances, and confusing emotions.
Or, it means a 14-themed, surrealist literature contest hosted by CRLiterature! This one allows both poetry and prose submissions, so there's something for everyone.
Contest Rules
Dates NOW to Aug 19th, 2014, midnight PST (14 days long)
Tone Surrealism - blur the line between reality and the unconsciousTypes of Entries Both Poetry and ProsePoetry your entry must be a sonnet of 14 lines (for more about sonnets, check out this excellent article by futilitarian)Prose your entry must be a complete story, exactly 14 sentences longSubmission respond to this journal with a link to your submission and the words "CONTEST" and either "POETRY" or "PROSE"Also your submission must have a link to

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

Celebrating Diversity #58

Sat Aug 2, 2014, 4:48 AM
Conchita by alexandrasalas
Desert Flower by paintpixelprint
Kate Rou II by YuliaSpesivtseva
CC contest entry by chichapie
Whirlwind by kuratine
Untitled by 3feathers
Hitching by croonstreet
snow queen by jagerion
Dark Rainbows Headdress by serpentfeathers
Dragon Pompadour! by ItsTalegas

"If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, part of life's exciting variety, not something to fear."
- Gene Roddenberry

The Adobe Illustrator Story

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 8:42 AM

Why I love Adobe Illustrator :love: Do watch this video! :eager:

When Adobe Illustrator first shipped in 1987, it was the first software application for a young company that had, until then, focused solely on Adobe PostScript. The new product not only altered Adobe’s course, it changed drawing and graphic design forever.

Watch the Illustrator story unfold, from its beginning as Adobe’s first software product, to its role in the digital publishing revolution, to becoming an essential tool for designers worldwide. Interviews include cofounder John Warnock, his wife Marva, artists and designers Ron Chan, Bert Monroy, Dylan Roscover and Jessica Hische.
You can even find the featured artist on DA :la: theexperiential 

The Birth of Type by theexperiential



Tue Jul 29, 2014, 8:20 AM

Look, a flashmob, courtesy tatasz
No angry kangaroos tho.
The rules are really simple!
You have to paste the thumbs of 2 or 3 deviations of yours, that you posted around this date a year ago.
Then you tag 5 friends, and they shall do the same thing in their journals.
Let's see what comes out! :la:


Of course. by pica-ae


Premium Content Stamp by pica-ae


Physalis by pica-ae


Gag by pica-ae


WTF? by pica-ae


Aged Moleskine Stamp by pica-ae

This is really random :stare:

So yeah, I tag …
puddlefisher cos he's new and needs to be tortured a little bit ;)
alexandrasalas cos she's old now and needs distracted from kids running over her lawn 
Elandria cos I want her to stare at me in glorious anger :eyes:
Asher-Bee cos I didn't tag her in ages :slow:
ptrckr cos reasons. 

Totally voluntary. 

Are you waiting on a reply by me?

Tue Jul 29, 2014, 4:33 AM

I don't know what it is, but I just can't get around to replying to you guys. Some messages are so old now and the conversation has lost its meaning by now :noes:

So yeah, sorry for not getting back at you. I always try to answer my notes in a timely fashion, though.

Also please welcome puddlefisher tanikel MarcosRodriguez and Erzsabet to the Volunteer team :happybounce: :squee: 

And now …

Here, have some … have some. :stare:


Dwarves in battle armour.

I think I need help.


And that song, did they have to use that song? :( waaaaah. Very mixed feelings about the last movie. Cos I know what's going to happen.

And if A Song of Ice and Fire has taught me one thing, it is: even if you know it's gonna happen, it's not gonna make it any better.

See ya :iconsmallwaveplz:

Will you look at this tag business!

Wed Jul 16, 2014, 4:02 AM

I actually enjoy being tagged :meow: But cos this is just another one from those that already went around and I already replied to two of them I won't tag anyone else. I just love answering weird questions, is all :B

These questions are from Quoth-Raven :eager:

  1. Better with or without?
    I can't liiiiiive with or without you…
  2. Would you rather face a world of Zombies, Vampires, or Werewolves?
    The "puppy" status is up for discussion though …
  3. Beef burger or hamburger?
    To eat? Yeah, I'd rather have a burger than a dude from Hamburg :chew: I feel like there should be a Hannibal .GIF but I can't be arsed.
  4. TARDIS or Delorean?
    Delorean :noes: I love "Back to the Future" and I have not seen much of "Dr Who" … shameful, I know.
  5. Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?
    I'm not a geius, but always worried. But I rather know what's going on that have no fucking clue, so worried genius it is.
  6. Who's on your celebrity sleep list?
    Since PirateLotus-Stock already went and took one of mine, I'll go with not the next best, eve tho actually next and better and that's Aidan Turner then :B (In case you don't know, see question #2)
  7. Wildcard, now add someone of the same sex to your sleep list (unless your gay in which case add someone of the opposite sex)
    Jennifer Lawrence.
  8. What is your happiest memory?
    I'd have to say any moment spent with KubusRubus :heart:
  9. If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in 30 seconds?
    Grow the fuck up and stop to fucking hurt each other all the fuckig time.
  10. If you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask?
    Eh… I feel like this should be important and like some politician, but I don't really care for any of their answers. So maybe just ask Peter Jackson: "Why can't you pay decent writers that produce some sort of dialouge that could not be taken out of a daily soap?!"

My Peter Jackson rage has once more erupted :stare:  Still so mad that I haven't seen "An Unexpected Journey" in months :noes: In other words: Not seen it after "The Desolaution of Smaug" :stare: :stare:

Hi watchers, who are you?

Mon Jul 7, 2014, 8:51 AM

I have been getting a lot of new watchers recently and well, new ones anway through the last year or so, and today I want to know …

Who the hell are you?!

To make this a little easier, here's what I want you to do for me to get to know you better :la:

  1. Show me your latest favourite (journals excluded) and tell me why you faved it!
  2. Tell me about your perfect Sunday!
  3. What was the last thing you watched? (tv or movie)
  4. Show me your most favourite .GIF ever!
  5. What is your favourite food?

You can do as many of these as you want! But at least one!

Of course, if you want to share anything like your name or age or where you're from, you are more than welcome to do so!

And for my longtime watchers and friends… if you really want to you can answer those questions of course, too.

So yeah, let's go!

… I was surprised to find out I own the Beach Boys version of that song and in a horrible manner for my neighbours I began singing along to it …

Yes, this skin is totally inspired by SimplySilent >_>
Go congratulate her on becoming a senior today btw

Typo Feature: Summer

Fri Jul 4, 2014, 4:34 AM

Welcome to today's Typo Feature!
In this ongoing series each article will focus on a specific theme and showcase deviations that manage to convey the theme in a special and great manner.

This feature's theme will be:


Summer by Tropfich
Where the Sky Is Blue Forever by chapstickbulletPeace and Love by okpepx
Sea Foam Text Effect. by AlexandraF
Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside by MyhwDesignVerano by Katiuskah
Summer by Ikue
Excited For The Summer by jamesy165
Salt in the air by gleoliteSummer Time 2012 by jamesy165
Mr Sun's Face Typography Calligram by calligramorama
Summer 2012 by Lacza

I hope you enjoyed this selection and maybe you'll have a smile on your face, too :heart: :peace:

If you have ideas for future features you are welcome to suggest them in a comment here, on CRTextAndTypographys profile or via note to either me or the group.

Community Relations


Hi guys :iconsmallwaveplz:
I am more involved with projecteducate again and as of this, there has been the idea/request to host a calligraphy week/article series.

Naturally I am all up for this and now I am looking for people to write articles and help make that week awesome. There is no timing yet, I'll have to see to that and keep you updated. I recently started learning calligraphy myself, so such a week would be awesome to have.

I will write a few articles myself, at least the into and summary journals :)

Have a look at the schedule for ProjectEducate here with upcoming weeks.

I am not sure about how I will have time for such a week, but it's not too soon, that's for sure ;)

There are quite some calligraphy related groups on dA and I hope that maybe some of the active artists would love to contribute to such a week :D

If you have suggestions for articles or articles you want to write yourself, let me know or send a note to the group. Articles could be anything, educational, interviews, features and so on.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested in it :)

Thanks to Canvasian for the suggestion ;)




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Traditional and Digital Typography and Digital Text Art galleries on dA.
Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrtextandtypography: :icondigitalists:

I have been tagged by Astralseed  and  CelticStrm-Stock :B It's this thing where I answer questions and then I post questions and then I tag other people. I don't know how many other people I will tag.
I apologize already to everyone I tagged further down :noes:

Astralseed :evileye:

  1. How tight do you like your underwear?
    Stretchy tight.
  2. A train is headed towards some city, another train is headed towards another city.  Both trains travel 362 miles before intersecting, with one train going 13mph less than the other.  How much later did the other train leave?
    I refuse this.
  3. If you peed rainbows, what would it taste like?
    Sex on the Beach. The cocktail. Obviously.
  4. If you had 7 legs and only one arm, would you walk, wobble, or other?
    I'd wear suckers as shoes and one glove and slither around like an Octopus.
  5. Do you smoke shampoo?
    Let me think abo … no, fuck, you mad?
  6. How often do you wear your clothing inside out?
    Rarely, but occasionally. Especially socks.
  7. The world is ending because it's being hit by giant meteors, will you listen to Aerosmith?
    It may be the only reason to listen to them …
  8. Naked snow angels, yay or nay?
    Ouch. Nay. I don't want to freeze bits off.
  9. Will you take her to the next level?…
  10. I say WaWa, you say?

CelticStrm-Stock :stare:

  1. Which would you choose: Dr. Pepper, Coke, or Pepsi?
    Coke/Coca Cola all the way!
  2. What is the one song that puts you in a good mood?
  3. Have you ever blurted out something random to interrupt a quiet room? What was it?
    Mh, I talk to myself at work and sometimes that room is quiet when that happens, so, I guess yes. It's most likely a curse of some sort.
  4. Describe your perfect day:
    Staying in bed long(er then 6:30), exhaustive breakfast with French Toast, maybe walking the dog, having nice lunch and dinner, maybe watch a movie or some show, just spent time for myself, without any stress or anyone bugging me about anything. :)
  5. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
    Dogs. They are so cute and cuddly and adorable and awwwwww!
  6. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
    Strawberry. Followed closely by chocolate. And none of that stuff with cookie dough or cookies in it. I prefer Italian Style :meow:
  7. Who is the one celebrity you'd like to go on a date with?
    Oh dear … That is such a tough decision. Too many options, like seriously. :confused: They have to be alive, right? I mean, I wouldn't date a corpse, but if it was independent of time, the options would be quite different. (George Harrison) What about fictional characters? (Chandler Bing) So, real person, right? Okay, then … let's see … currently that would be Aidan Turner. There ya go, toughest question today :meow:
  8. What is your dream car?
    Oldtimer Volkswagen Beetle Convertible in dark blue :eager::love:
  9. If you found yourself lost in the forest and met some Smurfs … how would you react?
    I'd wonder at what point I ate the wrong mushrooms.
  10. What horror movie freaked you out the most?
    From the ones I have seen, I'd have to say "Cube" :|

My questions :la:

  1. What is the last thing you ate?
  2. What is the place furthest away from home you ever travelled to?
  3. What's the color of your socks?
  4. What time period would you like to visit or live in?
  5. Who would you really like to meet in person and tell them they are a fucking idiot? (Worse curses are totally allowed)
  6. Do you use perfume? If yes, what kind?
  7. Ben & Jerry's or Häagen Dasz?
  8. Coffee or tea?
  9. Get the book closest to you and answer with page 84, line 21.
  10. What are your favourite and least favourite colors?
  11. What movie/tv show would you have wanted to be in?

You be tagged :evillaugh:

:iconneurotype: :iconfionacreates: :iconkrissi001: :iconkpekep: :iconcality: :iconcakecrumbs: :iconkingmancheng: :iconastrikos: :iconbeccalicious: :iconpixel-spotlight:

(Seriously, if you don't want to do it, then please don't. No offense taken :))

Typography Challenges?

Fri Jun 13, 2014, 4:44 AM

Hi :iconsmallwaveplz:
I've come to you today, to talk about challenges over CRTextAndTypography. In not as regular intervals as I liked to, I have been posting Typography Challenges for everyone to take part in. Unfortunately the responses have been less than … sufficient and decreasing over time. So here's me talking about challenges and trying to figure out how to bring them back to life. Preferably improved and better :XD: (There are questions at the end, please take the time to answer them :aww:)

Are you interested in challenges at all? The last one only had one entry and it has me thinking that you are not interested in challenges anyway. So here I am wondering if I should take the time and effort to find ideas for challenges, write a journal about it, set up the submission rules in the backroom and decline the masses of submissions to the group that don't read the rules and just submit "whatever" to a specific challenge folder.

Why you should take part in a challenge!

  • The theme is something you have never considered to do before. It is always good to try new things.
  • You will learn something from a challenge.
  • Are you someone who works better with external ideas to be creative? This is your chance.
  • Artist block? Maybe taking part in a challenge can help you with that.
  • You get to see what others do with the same theme. Always a good way to open your mind.
  • New to Typography? I make the challenges so that is easy for beginners to jump into the theme.

What's holding you back?

  • Not enough time? I usually plan around two months for each challenge.
  • Not enough reminders? I could improve on that, that is true.
  • No incentives like Points or Premium Membership? There won't be any of that for taking part in a challenge, I do plan on contests in the future though.
  • No feedback? As they are no contests, challenges will not provide a ranking. If you are looking for feedback on your work, I can do so in the future.

What do you think?

Here are some quesitons I have for you, that will help me decide whether to continue the series and how to make it more attractive.
  • Are you interested in new challenges? I will not continue them, if nobody takes part.
  • What did you like/not like about the previous challenges?
  • What changes would you like to see in new challenges?

Community Relations

Welcome to #VecType

Tue May 20, 2014, 6:43 AM

Plans the bring the group back to life are on. Now!
Mostly changed is the journal skin, though :P No surprise there. If you know me, that is.

If you don't know the group; in short: it is all about typography created by vector means. The links on top will reveal more information.

Things are not going to change really. I have updated the journals you will find linked on the top. I had to "rewrite" them as new journal entries so they would be able to have a skin.

I will continue to use this group for journals from other groups, like communityrelations and CRTextAndTypography, when the journals are relevant for this group. Usually if it has something to do with the typography galleries on dA.

A reminder to people who may not be familiar with this group: it was started as a project by LineBirgitte and me to educate the community about both Vector and Typography. If you're curious, read our summary article. It may be old, but it's a good example.

I would love to keep the educational side of this group a thing. How exactly that is going to work out, I don't know yet :lol: 

Ideas for articles are:

  • Member Features: focusing on one member or contributor.
  • Submission Features: showcasing last months submissions.
  • Tutorials or Tip style articles.
  • Maybe Challenges, but as that does not work too well in other groups I am in, let's see how that could go.
  • Not sure of contests for this group only make sense, will have to ponder that.
  • FAQ article in form of a library maybe. Could always be extended.

That's it so far. I hope you are still interested in the group and will keep on participating!

Personal gallery clean out

So, I've started to do some cleaning up. Oh it is spring isn't it? I guess I am spring cleaning :lol:
Basically I stored some of my older Journal Skins, the Complete Skin ones that you have to download and install yourself, as I figured most people don't use them anymore in favour of Installable Skins.  Some devIDs have also gone the storage way and some iPod wallpapers (wat? I didn't even remember those … )

There are still 362 deviations left :faint: (Don't mind the stats, 752 is artworks + journal entries)

So much for my gallery. I may clean out more later. Maybe also some Installable Skins that I don't want to update/improve/something.

Moving on to the next topic, this will be about some of the groups I am founder of.

 VecType and VirtualMoleskine.  Both of them are very dear to me, they are still projects I believe have a great potential. They've actually made the step from being "user profiles" into real groups when it was launched and it was exciting times.

I have slacked.

I don't put any time into those groups at all at the moment. Except for the random submission acceptance, I am not active. I would like to spent more time with those projects, but it is hard. I have a lot of things on my mind (being a CV, work, my new obsession with learning calligraphy… to name a few things).
Naturally lack of interest from the community side in actual group activity other than submissions is also something that doesn't work well for motivation.

Anyway, I want to get back on track. Maybe change the concept of the groups a bit, play around with what is now possible etc. I will post seperate journals on each group, too.
Just a warning, that things may or may not come back to life.

Some eye candy still

Crimson River by ARTek92 Anagnorisis by annajordanart
#89 Maleficent by 365-DaysOfDoodles Sunflower Bud by MayEbony
Fiery Lady by Andy-Butnariu :bigthumb432128199:

Back from vacation!

Fri Apr 11, 2014, 6:02 AM

Short update to this journal, as I have returned from my vacations! :la: You may have noticed from replies I was sending out :P  I will work through my notes, mostly DD suggestions today and the coming days. 

As for the journey, it was fairly event free. Most of the time was spent relaxing with KubusRubus ;) Trip to a gem and bone expo which was insane and also exhausting :XD: Tried to make it to the cherry blossom in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, but it was weirdly cold in NYC. Also no trees had any leaves yet and I come back here and everything is green and springy :lol:

Bothersome was a 5 hour delay on BOTH my flight to Newark AND the flight back. On the way back it included aircraft/gate change and being on the runway in the second plane and having to go back to the gate including leaving the aircraft again :| You'd think the second time people board would be quicker, cos we've just done it, but people are generally idjits. 

Anyhow, more updates will follow soon! :la: 

Just a short journal to let you know that I will be on vacation until May 2nd, but randomly on my (new!!!!!) computer. I shall call him beast. Cos he is. Getting used to windows 8, I have been a Mac user for almost 10 years straight and this is weird :lol: (I am basically trying to set it up like a Mac, probably a mistake :giggle:

Anyway, I will check comments and notes from time to time, but less frequent than normally!

:heart: :peace: