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January 15, 2013
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After the successful restructuring of the Font gallery it is time to tackle the Traditional Art > Typography gallery with an update! 

I already have some ideas of what I think would be great additions / changes, but I want to know what you think about it, too! 

That is what this journal is for :la: 
To share my ideas and to hear your ideas! 

CalligraphyTypographic Stencil & Miscellaneous are a good base for a gallery, but in my opinion they do not adequately display the wide range of Traditional Typography.

The range of what you can see in Typography created by Traditional (aka non-digital) means is vast and amazing. There is so much more than the 2 galleries that exist at the moment. Especially with the Stencil gallery, I was always amazed by the fact that it even exists (and disgusted by the amount of miscats, obviously). 

That said, there are not many works that qualify as Typographic Stencil. Therefore a lot of submissions have to be placed into Miscellaneous. And I think we all agree, that posting into Miscellaneous makes you feel sort of incomplete :XD: 

To better illustrate the ideas I had so far, I shall do so by using some examples

These are all ideas for possible categories, which could be added to the current gallery tree. Either on their own or as sub-categories to existing ones.  [In alphabetical order] 

These are comparable with Digital Art > Typography > Text-based Imagery. But they are done traditionally and are usually part of Calligraphy. Maybe they don't need their own gallery at all.

Calligram in your Soul by Vic-Perfecto Peace by zoe042 Scarlett Johansson - Type Face by hereinspaziert

Typographic lettering applied to a chalkboard using chalk of one or more colors. This is usually found in front of restaurants, but more and more artists specialize in this kind of typography. The charm of these works is their temporary character, as a rain or a swipe can destroy them so easily. Obviously these kind could also be drawn on pavement or walls, so maybe "Chalk" would be a better term. But then again, it could be a Drawing as well. Discuss! :la: 

:thumb125952303: + Pogaduchy chalk walls + by radamenes Chalk Page A. by kitelife

This is pretty much like old-school gangster movie blackmail letters ;) Using a variety of printed materials a new artwork is created. Cutting, arranging and gluing :la: 

richardrichardrichard by Cheskahill Gbookfair 09 by object000 father by TheDuncE

You will see that Typography can be both Drawings and Paintings. Drawings, in this case, are recognizable by the materials used to create them: Pencil, Pen, Ink, Chalk, Graphite, Crayon, Pastels, … 

braided by teaganwhite Nested Font by amwah life is a flower by brian9267

Font / Typeface Design
Similar to what I said about Logo, this would be about sketches and drawings of typefaces before they are turned into usable font files digitally. This could also work as a place for typedesigns made from various materials.
Usually works like this would come in the form of an alphabet.

Disney Alphabet by alecalcano :thumb262856660: My Hair Alphabet by SamASENSI

This is a sort of generic term. While browsing and looking for examples I found a lot of Tattoo Art. That said, Lettering most often refers to a type treatment that only covers one or several words. A bit like Logo Design, but usually it does not stand for a company, but more often for a person's name or similar personal illustrations. Calligraphy may actually be a part of this, but then again most of the categories in this list could be called Lettering.

carpe diem by arty147 Tattoo Lettering 1 by mysummerwine Forever More by lordmx

Lettering can also refer to the Art of Lettering Comics. Before the Digital Age (and way into it) there actually was the job of drawing the text into speech bubbles. For anyone familiar with the process of this, you also know that a comic book can be split up into many parts: Lineart, Coloring, Lettering… 

Logo Design
Sketches, scribbles or final drafts of Logo designs, before they are redrawn in vector.

Changeling logo. by Kriescher138 :thumb82760694: Logo by Ergal

Same thing as with Drawings. Paintings are defined by the materials, such as: Oil, Watercolors, Acryl, Tempera, …

HUGZ by saraquarelle White Bull Terrier by saraquarelle memaid in typography by eeyor3

This Art or Craft can easily be described best as Classical Handwriting. Especially in the Middle Ages and way up into the 18th century most people were illiterates. The Craft of Penmanship was required for them to set up documents such as contracts or letters. 
The kind of Handwriting used in Penmanship is a very delicate and well trained technique. It requires precision and focus, as the writing needs to be perfect. 

Diplome by Nyniel Wedding Monogram Scroll by BabyGig emerveillement detail by arcanoide

Sculpture / Craft
Basically this is 3D Typography, using our actual 3 dimensions ;) 
From the Traditional Art > Sculpture gallery description:
Sculptures of 3D art using materials including marble, wood, bronze casting, metal works, stone, clay, plaster or even paper-mache.

sculpture 5 by ibrahimabutouq butterfly quilling1 by UsoKei  

The original ASCII art: much like Calligrams single keys are arranged in a way to form a visual image. A similar category already exists in Digital Art > Typography > Text-based Imagery. You only use a typewriter and a piece of paper. 

Typewriter Drawing - The Ocean by kwirky 20101123 typewriter drawings portrait by reszko beautiful decay. by erynsmith44

What about galleries that already exist elsewhere?

Immediately to my mind springs Graffiti, Printing and Logos. Those can all contain Typography. I guess it is most wise to leave them where they are ;) As for Logos, a Traditional gallery with sketches and versions may not be a concurrence to the Design & Interfaces > Logos & Logotypes category. Especially as Logos, which are submitted to D&I, are vectors or at least final versions of it. Obviously this would only be for Logos that are of a typographical nature :meow: 


Is there any kinda Traditional Typography I missed?

Can you show me one of your works, that did not fit into the current Traditional Typography gallery?

How would you sort the gallery? Have all categories next to each other or create a hierarchy?

Should it be sorted after medium, technique, style or purpose?  Or just a mix of all, if that makes sense…

 Let me know what you think :la: :heart: 

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Interested to find learn more? Read Text Art and Typography!

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Foster Creative Genius

Please have and share the journal so it can gain the most exposure and I can gather the most feedback, Thank you :aww: :heart:
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Errance Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks good to me. :-)
Maybe some sub-folders in calligraphy like Islamic calligraphy, Latin, Chinese etc. It's painful to find specific type of calligraphy when they are all in the same folder.
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
I like the idea of having subfolders to Calligraphy :nod:
MartinSilvertant Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
The categorization seems to be quite perfect. I have only one objection, which is the unfinished works. It might be a good idea to have categories for sketches of logos and typefaces but I personally doubt that's relevant. It seems not many people upload sketches anyway, and if they do it probably fits best in the scraps section. All the other categories are ACTUAL art forms and the Logo Design and Font Design categories seem to be the only two of this list which are not specific art forms but unfinished work of categories outside of the traditional typography section.
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
First off: thanks for the feedback :)

I agree with the sketches/unfinished works. This is mainly a collection of what I could think of :D
Regarding Font Design, I was thinking of works like this [link] where an alphabet is illustrated. However they could simply be submitted to other categories as they come :)
When it comes to sketches of fonts that are to be turned into actual font files, scraps for sketches would of course make much more sense. Or, if someone wants to submit them, there will be an "Other" category too ;)
MartinSilvertant Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
It seems you're definitely on the right track. When will the typography section be updated?
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
There is not time schedule yet. I don't want to rush it, I will probably wait for some more feedback before I get out the spreadsheets :D
From then on… it may take one or two months for it to be handled. I can't really foresee anything. But I hope for the next 6 months :)
MartinSilvertant Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
Well, the category system looks great so far. It will prove useful for my own calligraphy work among other things.
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Glad you think so :)
Itti Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I definitely agree that calligrams should get their own category. Having a separate one for collage is a nice idea too, although there is already a collage category not in typography so there could be some overlap. Font design is another good one.

I think that 'calligraphy' should be sub-divided into 'Eastern' (Japanese and Chinese calligraphy), 'Western' (American and European - anything that uses our normal alphabet) and 'Other' (e.g. Arabic calligraphy.

I think Chalkboard and Sculpture/Craft are great ideas, but I think the latter needs a clearer name. Logo Design seems a good category as well if there isn't anywhere else to put it. I think you should put Tattoo Design and logo design in the same category.

I don't see any need to split up 'Drawings', 'Paintings', 'Lettering' and 'Penmanship'. I think it is hard to explain the difference (except maybe penmanship) and would only create confusion about where to put things. I would be happy putting any of these into 'Calligraphy' or 'Typography'.

I actually wouldn't know where to put any of my current calligraphy pieces in this system. They are usually a quote of some sort, often with a small drawing but that doesn't dominate the piece. [link]

Actually thinking about it some more, how about instead of those four categories, separating them into function? I have some pieces - [link] [link] - where the intent is to make a label of some kind and convey information and I decided to do it 'in a pretty way'. Whereas I have other pieces - [link] [link] - where the intent is to make artwork. Of course, like any artwork, it still conveys a message/information, but it's a finished piece. Does that make sense?
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks for the input :hug:

Calligraphy is indeed the only category where I could imagine having sub-cats, as you say for the region it comes from and maybe add Calligrams in there.

There is always a chance of overlapping with other galleries, the general collage gallery can theoretically contain typography, because those works didn't fit into the current categories. However, typography is sort of a weird one, because it is not a medium like collage, painting, drawings etc.; yet it is on the same level with them. Theoretically Typography can contain all of the galleries it stands next to at the moment. (Same goes for Digital Art btw.)
I did not want to copy the digital tree tho, I think traditional art calls for a different approach cos the different media are much more clear than with an artwork created in Photoshop. In Digital it is Calligraphy, Misc., Text-based Imagery (Calligrams basically), Font Design and Conceptual; which doesn't really follow one line of seperation.

Right now, I have 3 categories already in mind: Calligraphy, Stencil and Other/Misc (Other is a better name for it, I think).

I have the idea, that a category called 'Lettering' may be a good place for Paintings, Drawings and Penmanship. As I understand the word Lettering, I would not set it equal with Calligraphy. (Even tho wiki brings me to Calligraphy when I search for Lettering) Thinking about this, it might be smart to have a Lettering category in Designs & Interfaces, as I understand it more purpose driven than Calligraphy.
However Lettering always seems to have a more… controlled character than Calligraphy. Maybe more planned and more graphic, it doesn't have to be swooshy :D And very often it would be printed, like 19th century posters. (Nvm that I left out the whole part about printing, cos that category already exists :B)

Maybe Chalkboard and Sculptural atworks can be merged into one category, that somehow explains their "not on paper" character. I guess chiseled works should also be in there, not only sculptural works. Might be Typewriter could go in here, too. Chalkboard eventually could be into Calligraphy too.

Other purpose driven elements, like labels, packaging, editorial layouts, stationary designs etc., would actually be properly placed in Designs & Interfaces. Just I don't think there really is a good spot to put them in. Yet.
"Artsy" works should still go to Traditional Art > Typography, even if they have more of an illustrative character. I wouldn't bother too much about the message part, every artwork has a message, in Typography it is usually just much more prominent :D
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