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Welcome to the projecteducate Text Art & Typography Week!
This article will give insight into the art of Text-based Imagery.

What is Text-based Imagery?

Pieces in which type is used as a minor tool to create an image. The readable content of the visual is less important than the overall look of the piece.

This category is dedicated to images created using text or types. This has become a popular form of text art throughout the last years. The main message of this art is delivered through the image, not necessarily in the text. The text used to create the image can either be an existing font or self-made letters. The image can be anything from a portrait, object, scene or landscape.


Since the name of the category is not precisely self-explanatory, it is best to describe this category giving examples. You can look at it like Pixel Art, where an image is made out of pixels and sometimes you can clearly recognize each pixel. Now imagine each pixel was a letter instead of a square!

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Drawn Letters

Instead of using a font, each letter of the illustration is handdrawn and therefore fits perfectly into the final figure.

Super Fighting Robot by jmirman A Clockwork Orange by subdio27 words create art by griffsnuff

Warped Letters

You type out the words or letters with one or more fonts of your choise and transform or warp them to fit onto the reference or sketch.

:thumb155636080: What Lies Within by um0p3pisdn :thumb176826497:

Lined Up

Most graphic programs allow you to add text to a path, so it can go along a curve around corners or just straight. To achieve a final visual colors, fonts or font sizes are changed. The letters theirselves are not altered.

Pendulum Typographic Design by CMA3D The Calling by EKAndy 100 words by st3to

Single Characters

Instead of using words, the image is build up from single characters. It might be the letters of the word that is formed as visual, but they might just be random letters.

Death by Typography by GCORE :thumb53951510: Squid by MVR1987

Of course those examples aren't they only ways to create this kinda art. As always: the only limit is your imagination.

Related to Text-based Imagery

A Calligram is text that is written in a way to form a visual image. This can be a poem, a quote, words related to the visual or just one repeated word. The text does not need to be Calligraphy, but the "style" derives from Calligraphy. Nowadays typefaces are used to form the visual imagey.

Squid by MVR1987 En Masse by clockblock Semazen by smLLan

Text Art: ASCII & ANSI
Those two art forms follow the same principle: an image is created using text/characters. While ASCII makes use of actual characters and glyphs, ANSI uses blocks and lines instead. Read the previous article on them to find out more.

The New Venus by jSepia Tom Petty ASCII Art by dwightyoakamfan Brainchild by Nootropic

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