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December 11, 2011
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Typo Feature - Initials

Sun Dec 11, 2011, 6:53 AM
Bi-Monthly article featuring Typographic Artworks by theme.
You can suggest a theme for the next featured article by commenting on this article :)

Today's Typo Feature is dedicated to Initials.

What is an Initial?
It stands at the beginning of a copytext, a chapter or a
paragraph. It is considerably bigger than the rest of the copy, usually
several lines high. It can be a simple letter or an decorated character.


"A" by Gurez :thumb138440463: you are A.. by dubocreates
B_MEKKANIKA.typeface by RichardTheRough B by CHIN2OFF
Letter C by whimsyloo Letter C by nitefox1203 C by Knarfart
Just D by darylferil Letter - D by Dani-Sang
Insight the character 'e' by debruehe What letter is this?? by slack-R
F letter by MIRRORMASTER F by Knarfart Funkalicious by rogerandmore
Letter "G" by Gurez G by neilakoga G letter form 1 by Tallis
Illustrated Capital by kaisermyrmidon letter H by 24o H by ssst
i by Pakaku I by Osx86
J by SAOUD-ALJEDI J by RhetoricHaystack
K letter by pk1st Digital Illumination by Mueslistopheles My frak. type abigaelle by Philippe-nicolas
Letter 'L' in Nail Polish by nymphont "L" like... by oO-Joker-Oo
-The "M"- by Kiwi-Mystere :thumb150056284:
Le Grand Cirque Des Couleurs by ICDP :thumb173730692:
O. by Espador O by Sly-Stalker
The Letter P by PaintMyWorldRainbow Celtic Letter P by bluekanga
Q by CHIN2OFF Q Alphabet by KuldarLeement
R. by Simanion R Alphabet by KuldarLeement
Serious Business by kr8v S by Simanion Ssssss by Schunki
T by SAOUD-ALJEDI Symbols by Fabrikken
U by SAOUD-ALJEDI Under the water by futeki
The letter V by phantom909 :thumb159145876:
W the number 8 by Osx86 Letter W by adhikari Willy Wagtail of Windy Witch by Basu-zo
X Alphabet by KuldarLeement Romanesque Initial X - by rufferto9
:thumb168815578: Y for vectororgy by LineBirgitte
Letter Z by whimsyloo :thumb159089785:

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