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Typotalks with ~eugeniaclara!

Sun Feb 3, 2013, 6:54 AM
Welcome back to Typo Talks, the recurring article series with interviews by various deviants active in the Typography community on dA.

Today we have another interview with an awesome typographic artist from dA: eugeniaclara :la: She joined dA in 2008 and has since been an active artist and contributor to the community! Her mostly typographic works have a very personal and distinctive style, which always manages to put a smile on the viewers face.

You can find her not only on dA, but can also connect with her on tumblr, twitter or facebook.

The Interview!

Please introduce yourself first
eugeniaclara: Hi! I'm Eugenia Clara, mostly written in internet as 'eugeniaclara', but you just can call me Clara. I like to scribble and doodle, and most of my art-works are related to typography / lettering.

quick shot devID by eugeniaclara

How did you get into Art and Design?
eugeniaclara: Some of my family/relatives also dive into art (dancer, painter, sculpturer, etc) - I guess It's kind of one in several generations- flesh and blood skill. I like drawing-things since i was a born (manual and traditional drawing) – until early 2008 I started to do 'digital art' and introduced to bitmap and vector drawing (A little late lol but didn't matter).

I like drawing-things since i was a born

What are your main sources of inspiration?
eugeniaclara: Mainly on what I see on daily basis, Music, Films, and Books, and the most of all : Others' works; in real world also in internet.

What fascinates you about typography and makes you want to create it?
eugeniaclara: First of all because I couldn't draw *giggle* - nope, I find it easier to write down what I want to say instead of paint a meaningful illustration. It will take too long for me to draw, instead, I write.

I was an almost-novelist and writer in several local magazines (went incognito with alias) years ago. A year after I dug about 'graffiti', I amused so much by lots of writings in the wall, most of them is meaningless or a bit too much of styles so it was kinda hard too read, but either way, I was totally amused by that. I mean, look at those people who can made a written word seemed interesting to read/see.

Also I wrote a lot of quotes, books, and doodles. From then on, I thought 'What can I do to make this text more appealing?' and so on, hence the urge to decorate the text. It started from that. I don't want my writing will be just another text on the paper or wall, I want to make it, well, at least, appealing to read. I knew the term 'typography' itself when I already published my 'text art' on internet, got feedback from people, on so on.

Whisper by eugeniaclara Ever Stop by eugeniaclara You Just Can Sit Down by eugeniaclara

Do you think it helps young artists to join online communities?
eugeniaclara: Of course it is helping a lot. I don't know about all young artists, but some of the 'artists' are unique, sometimes to attend a physical community takes a lot of courage, like, meeting new people, getting direct judging or discuss in person or something like that.

Online Communities are the best medium. We get to know a lot of people from another countries, it's wide, it's online.

I was a lot shy back then, I didn't have the confidence. Personally I ever tried to join local art community and they were not nice on accepting so-called 'rookie', It was tough for me. I'd rather join online community where I can get decent feedback without have to 'appear physically' - lol I'm ranting, sorry, but, Online Communities are the best medium. We get to know a lot of people from another countries, it's wide, it's online. It wider the chance of introducing your art and yourself into the whole world, I mean, we can have a virtual 'personal space' in there, and it's easier to find a help that fits us. Beside, it's easier and more effective.

How much do you think where we come from, influences how our art looks like? (how does where you come from influence what you create)
eugeniaclara: Hmm... never think about that before :D I guess it pretty much influenced the way I express thing. Like, I was came from, let's say, 'East' part of the world, where 'to talking blatantly' or 'speak out loud' is a bit contrary to popular norm. Also the shape, the style and the characters of the art itself much inspired by  traditional art around the places I lived.

Your work a lot with hand-writing; do you think it helps you express your words better?
eugeniaclara: Yes, yes I am. I personally think If a picture can express a thousand words, then a writing can pictures thousand assumptions. Which is more complex in general. I choose hand-writing because sometimes it gives more personality, to make a point that "hey, this is me and this is what I made". Like, I want to write something witty-serious that no font can represent, something like that. Well, my personal works are mostly hand-writing, yes. But I still use helpful pre-made / ready sources for other works :)

[Hand-writing] gives more personality, to make a point that "hey, this is me and this is what I made"

What are your three favourite pieces from your own gallery?
eugeniaclara: Haha it's kind of hard to choose because I see them generally. But here's some of the favorite (for sentimental reason lol).

You'll Be Fine by eugeniaclara You Laugh Because. by eugeniaclara  Wonder Sister by eugeniaclara

Please share some of your favourite works by other dA artist and tell us what you like about them.
Sleep is death by pete-aeiko
This one is old work (from mid 2008) from Pete Harrison a.k.a pete-aeiko - which is one from my inspiration to dive in vector-design works. This is my ageless motivation for creating stuff. I like a lot the contrast between black-grey and those neon colors and how perfect they can blend in.

the National - 12 months by ivan-bliznak
The colors and the cute simple subtle illustration with subtle textures and those whole vintage feeling. Definitely a fav. By ivan-bliznak.

Hustler by bogielicious
Detailed vector illustration with well-blended color palletes, I can't illustrate so why I amuse a lot at detailed vector illustrations. By bogielicious.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Nour-T
This work by Nour-T, basically most of her works are my favorite. Because.. the use of colors (again) and subtle texture and those quirky typography works.. I just love it.

What medium/style did you always want to try, but have not yet?
eugeniaclara: I always want to do a real-life 3D installation art. It takes patience and lots of works, and it's challenging as well. Looking forward to do that, hopefully, soon :D

Where else to find eugeniaclara

Thank you very much for the interview :aww: :heart:

Typo Talks Interview with ~eugeniaclara :la:

:heart: :peace:
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MartinSilvertant Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
Nice interview, and beautiful typography of the blog article itself ;)
pica-ae Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :D
TehAngelsCry Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
:la: Wow, Clara has some amazing pieces!
pica-ae Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Yes, her gallery is amazing :love:
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